60 of the most brave women you could ever meet, with 60 of the most interesting stories you could ever hear. Change your life. Find the woman who could be your hero.


We need the next generation of female leaders to reach the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


A Facebook powered online event to help girls find the one hero that inspires them to follow their heart, and ambition.


OCT . 11 . 2020

Despite progress in recent years, women around the world still face many obstacles especially pertaining to global gender gaps in leadership. For instance:

13 out of 193

nations in the UN have women as heads of state

Less than 30%

of the world’s scientific researchers are women

Every hour, somewhere in the world, members of national parliaments or legislatures are making decisions on important issues, and worldwide only

24.3% of these key people are women

Only 37 of the Fortune 500 companies have a female as CEO, an all-time record

but a rate of only 7.4%

Minority women are especially underrepresented in STEM fields – of all U.S. women earning PhDs in science and engineering, fewer than

4% were Latina and under 3% were Black


Ruth Sikeita Ruth Sikeita Ranger @ Team Lioness
Kechi Okwuchi Kechi Okwuchi Plane Crash Survivor + America's Got Talent Runner Up
Zainab Al-Eqabi Iraqi Zainab Al-Eqabi Iraqi Pharmacist + Disability Advocate + Scuba Diver + Influencer
Raha Moharrak Raha Moharrak Youngest Arab & 1st Saudi Woman to conquer Mount Everest
Oulimata Sarr Oulimata Sarr Entrepreneur + Regional Director for UN Women
Oge Egbuonu Oge Egbuonu Yoga Teacher + Producer + Director + Rights Advocate
Tatyana McFadden Tatyana McFadden Multiple Medal-Winning Paralympic Athlete + Disability Advocate
Aisha Nyandoro Aisha Nyandoro CEO @ Springboard to Opportunities + Affordable Housing Advocate
Sanja Partalo Sanja Partalo EVP, Global Head of Strategic Development & Partnerships, WPP
MC Soffia MC Soffia Rapper + Activist
Vidya Balan Vidya Balan Award-Winning Indian Actress
Angelica Hale Angelica Hale Singer + Songwriter + Runner-up America’s Got Talent
Swati Mandela Swati Mandela Peace Activists + Granddaughter of Nelson and Winnie Mandela
Talitha Phillips Talitha Phillips CEO @ Claris Mobile Health Clinic
Vero Boquete Vero Boquete Spanish Footballer + Campaigner
Vicki Saunders Vicki Saunders Award-winning Entrepreneur
Miri Rodriguez Miri Rodriguez Author + Brand Storyteller + Global Head of Internship at Microsoft
Dr Kathrin Jansen Dr Kathrin Jansen SVP + Head of Vaccine Research and Development @ Pfizer
Vittoria Colonna Vittoria Colonna Award-winning Director + Writer + Artist
Camila Coelho Camila Coelho Influencer + Entrepreneur + Founder of Elaluz
Cherie Blair CBE Cherie Blair CBE QC + Barrister + Lecturer + Writer
Jennifer James Jennifer James Award-winning Farmer
Cynthia Erivo Cynthia Erivo Award-winning Actress + Singer + Songwriter
Logina Salah Logina Salah Body Positivity Advocate + Makeup Expert
Cristina Jones Cristina Jones Intentional Storyteller + SVP, Salesforce
Leila Cobo Leila Cobo VP/Latin Industry Lead, Billboard
Andréa (Feddersen) Mallard Andréa (Feddersen) Mallard Chief Marketing Officer at Pinterest
Sheetal (Kohli) Rishi Sheetal (Kohli) Rishi Global Director, Cloud & AI at IBM
Wanting Wang Wanting Wang Advisory Data Scientist at IBM
LaDavia S. Drane, Esq. LaDavia S. Drane, Esq. Head of Global Inclusion & Diversity at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Amira Virgil Amira Virgil Content Creator

Invest in women by helping to create 1 million female heroes

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As we prepare to celebrate UN Day, 75 years of great work on elevating poverty, building access to education, and accelerating equality. Time to rethink how women are redefining rules & creating a new wave of disruption. @rupadash


🙋60 kadının hikayesi 60 dakikalık bir filmde hep birlikte görselleştirilerek her birinin 60 saniyede anlatıldığı global bir kampanyaya dönüştü. #ShesMyHero @worldwomanfund

👊Hareket, kız çocuklarını kendilerine ilham veren kahramanı bulmalarını amaçlıyor

Indian-American teen #AnikaChebrolu who won a USD 25,000 young scientist challenge for a discovery that could provide a potential treatment for #COVID19, decided to take part in the challenge after she battled a severe influenza infection last year.

Throughout her life #SheSMyHero @PreciousLeeXOXO advocates for those who were being bullied. October is National Bullying Prevention Month, how are you going to advocate for what is right? #shesmyhero #worldwomanhour #empowerment #NationalBullyingPreventionMonth

"Learn all that you can. Be a global citizen. Never ever compromise who you are. And dream. If I am your hero, it is because you want to imagine the dream, work for the dream, and live your dream." - Federica Marchionni #shesmyhero #worldwomanhour #ItalianAmericanHeritageMonth

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We want to amplify the disruptive force of women

Today, women represent the most significant disruptive force of the world— however as per the recent Global Gender Gap Report, it will take 108 years to achieve gender equality.

We need next generation of future female leaders to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDG 2030).

We can’t wait any longer, the timing is right to inspire young girls to find their hero. The one that helps them believe they can do whatever it is they want to.

To not give up. To not hold back. To be fearless in their pursuit to change the world. Every girl deserves a choice and a chance to make an impact.

Join our global movement to accelerate future female leadership and inspire the next generation of young girls, in a bold new way that is about equality, choice and putting women’s voice on center stage.

Honouring 60 women by sharing their inspirational stories

In celebration of Girls day on October 11, we have brought together a world-class collection of women who have fought against stereotypes, powered through personal challenges and been able to achieve ideas that are changing the world. Often for the first time, with no guidebook to follow.

We honour these women by presenting 60 jam-packed minutes of their stories.

A riveting journey from second to second – from the emotional to the unexpected to the truly inspirational.

Hear how their uniqueness, and truly being themselves, is the key to discovering their purpose. Though there are no shortcuts in life, this hour will help steer any girl looking to find her way. And potentially change her life.