Featuring 60  women leading the new wave of change, with 60 powerful stories that you could ever hear. Find the LEADher who could help you take on audacious ideas and lead boldly.


We need the next generation of female LEADhers to lead a thriving economy, sustainable planet, and healthier world to deliver the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


 A Facebook-powered movement to accelerate future female leadership to pursue ideas and break down barriers in places historically left out women.


Mar 8, 2022

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Less than 30%

of the world’s researchers are women

Minority women are especially underrepresented in STEM fields – of all U.S. women earning PhDs in science and engineering, fewer than

every hour


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Invest in woman by helping to create 1 milion female heroes

Accelerate women's leadership in a bold new way

Today, women represent the most significant disruptive force of the world— however as per the recent Global Gender Gap Report, it will take 108 years to achieve gender equality.

We need next generation of future female leaders to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDG 2030).

We can’t wait any longer, the timing is right to inspire young girls to find their hero. The one that helps them believe they can do whatever it is they want to.

To not give up. To not hold back. To be fearless in their pursuit to change the world. Every girl deserves a choice and a chance to make an impact.

Join our global movement to accelerate future female leadership and inspire the next generation of young girls, in a bold new way that is about equality, choice and putting women’s voice on center stage.

Honoring 60 women by sharing their inspirational stories

In celebration of Girls day on October 11, we have brought together a world-class collection of women who have fought against stereotypes, powered through personal challenges and been able to achieve ideas that are changing the world. Often for the first time, with no guidebook to follow.

We honour these women by presenting 60 jam-packed minutes of their stories.

A riveting journey from second to second – from the emotional to the unexpected to the truly inspirational.

Hear how their uniqueness, and truly being themselves, is the key to discovering their purpose. Though there are no shortcuts in life, this hour will help steer any girl looking to find her way. And potentially change her life.


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